Virtual Bulletin Board

A way to connect local artists, crafters & hobbyists with clients

  • If you're looking to hire someone to create a painting, sculpture, an art piece, personalize items for a bachelorette or birthday party, hem, alter or mend clothing, knit a baby blanket, make personalized friendship bracelets or anything else our talented locals can do EMAIL US HERE so we can get your need put on our Virtual Bulletin Board and the Bulletin Board inside The Art Room.) (TAR will charge a small fee for this service)

  • If you see something you're interested in completing EMAIL US HERE so we can connect you to the client. Artist and client will work out the details together, including length of time the project will take & the total cost of the project.

Once The Art Room connects you, the client and professional will work out the details together on the perimeters of the project, including time and cost. The Art Room is not responsible for the finished project. Please only post tasks you are willing to pay for and only take jobs you are willing & able to successfully complete.

There are no needs at this time.

Board will be updated as requests come in, so check back often

If there is a listing you would like to fulfill




Please include the task posted in the listing